PAX: Cake, Herschel, Space Jam, Manti, Acorn, Glee, Grady (Raleigh), Dunphy

Q: Dunphy

A brisk morning at #sparta led to a brisk morning jog around the civic center complex with 8 PAX. Early investigation of black ice turned up no serious concerns, but Herschel did have a run in with some parking wheel stops…I think he did a full somersault.

Warm Up: After our run, SSH x41 IC (#flyeaglesfly), WMH x10 IC, WM x10 IC, IW x33 IC, Arm Circles (various) x41 IC, MC x33 IC, Merkins x10 IC.

Bear Hunt: Pair up for 6 rounds. Observations: Grady confirmed Glee is pretty light if you can get his legs off the ground. Acorn wrecked himself (did Herschel have bricks in his pockets?). Cake says he’s 220, but he felt like he had his ruck on.

Sprint 400(ish) meters around lot, then 20 Flutter Kicks each leg, 20 walking lunges, 20 jump squats, 20 merkins. Repeat.
(“I thought there wasn’t going to be any running today?” – Space Jam)

Dealer’s Choice Mary: Sharon Stones, Penguin Crunch, Big Boy Situps, American Hammers, Dying Cockroach, Freddie Mercuries, Dolphin Kicks, Plank-o-rama with CDDs to finish it off.

Recover, recover.

Name-o-rama, Announcments


Great to have Grady from Raleigh out with us today. Dilly, dilly.

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