Q – Pinky

PAX – Puffs, Dunphy, Jimmer, HC3, Pinky

Warm up — run to the base of the LFH. Curse at LFH. Stare down LFH. Get in LFH’s mind.

OK, before LFH…we circle up and….40 SSH IC, 25 IW IC, 25 FAC+25 JW+25 Jabs+25RAC (it was actually twenty but HC3 kept saying 25 so I stopped) all IC, 10 merkins IC. (Jimmer, “I knew something was up when we only did 10 merkins”)

The thang: 50 shades of merkins…. each “lap” up and down LFH you do a total of 50 merkins. Start with 50 at the bottom and 0 at the top. Then 40-10. 30-20….etc. A total of 300 merkins will be completed. And 6 wonderful laps up LFH.

It really sucked for 3 of us. But Dunphy and Puffs  never seemed spent and had enough energy to chat with each other the whole time.  I captured an image of them running up LFH together.

Times up…quick jog back to the cars…

Now if you need me I will be asleep at my desk for the rest of the day.


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