Q: Cat Scratch
PAX: Twitch, Double Humpy, Dunphy, Cat Scratch

Warm Ups:
Run up ramps in parking garage and perform some exercises along the way, mixing up the type of running as well up to third floor. Back down to grounf floor and did the following:
• 15 SSH
• 10 Jack Webbs
• 10 Merkins
• 15 Arm Circles
• 10 Rubios
• Run down to end of garage and back

The Thang:

1. Roll dice, one for how many reps of a particualr exercise to perform and one to determine how many flights of stairs to run afterwards.
2. Reach in cooler and pick out an index card and perform exercise.
3. Exercises inlcuded: Merkins, Burpees, Running up Ramp, Lunge walking up ramp, squats, Mtn Clibers, multiple core excercises, other fun things.
4. Run stairs after each excercise and repeat.
5. Twice we stopped to perfom a group exercise: Bear crawl half way up ramp, run backwards the second half, then run backwards down; Skip half way down garage, run rest of way down and back.
6. Finished up with each perosn picking a core exercise: LBCs, Flutter Kicks, American Hammer, Heels to Heaven.

Unfortunately, there were no Donuts!! or Coffee!!!

But, we got some fun in!


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