Q: Double Humpee

Pax: Cake, HC3, Cat Scratch, Herschel. Pinky, Twitch, Frack, Dumpy

****This workout was completed almost exactly 1 year ago and was led by Blindspot*****

Warm o Rama

Jogging in the miserable misting rain we moved from the lot to the parking deck. We made our way up to the 3rd floor via ramps, with some butt kickers ,skippers, backward runs, arms circles thrown in.


Side Shuffle Hops

Good Mornings or if you’re Twitch the “Hellos.”


Willie Mays Hayes


The ThangĀ 

Everything would take place over a 2 minute period

2 minutes of Merkins

2 minutes of Line Jumps (front to back and Side to Side)

2 minute Bear Crawl to the midway point, and Crawl Bear back

2 minutes of Walking Lunges with a Backwards Job back

2 minutes of Traveling Burpees with a Sprint back

3.5 minutes of a Wall Sit

2 minutes of crab walking to the midway point with a return back

1 minute of Merkins

45 Second of High Knee Jumps



Flutter Kicks



Last minute was the Plank


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