Date: 2/10/2018

Conditions: 37F and rainy

Q: Acorn

PAX: Acorn, Cat Scratch, Herschel, Puffs


So I was late cause I hit a deer on the way – but it only a few seconds…and since this is my first deer slaying, we needed to inflict pain upon ourselves


  1. Jog a lap
  2. SSH x 25 IC
  3. IW x 25 IC
  4. WMH x 10 IC
  5. WM x 10 IC
  6. Merkins x 10 IC
  7. probably something else too…

Thang: Grab a block and make way to the wall

“Cat Scratch, which body part will we trash first?”


  • Box Squats until we all feel the tingly burn
  • One legged box squats x 10 each leg
  • People’s chair so we could discuss the important things in life
  • Cinder block hugging squats until the tingly burn returns
  • People’s chair again
  • Monkey Humpers x 60

“Shoulders” (Thanks Herschel, thanks)

  • Cinder block overhead press to failure
  • BTTW for too long
  • kettle bell swing x 20 (err..cinder block swing)
  • Jack Webb to ensure the tingly burn worked its way up
  • Cadre Phil overhead clap – way too fast – on Puff’s count
  • Arm circles IC for 20 counts more than was reasonable
  • Forward arm circles (meaning with arms in front of you) x 25 IC


  • super close grip merkins on the block
  • regular close grip merkins on the block
  • triceps extensions with the cinder block x 3 rounds


  • We did some rubios
  • we did more rubios on blocks
  • we attempted some Super Mans
  • we attempted some other crazy stuff that was…painful (not the good kind)


  • American Hammer (sitting on blocks)
  • flutter kick (sitting on blocks) really we just didn’t want to sit on the wet asphault
  • big boy situps (so much for keeping your six dry)
  • 12″ hold (back to sitting on blocks)
  • suitcase thinggy (on blocks)

And for good measure – we added another lap somewhere in the middle at Cat Scratch’s request.




  • Less than 3 weeks to the #GoRuck Challenge
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