PAX: Cat Scratch, Herschel, Jimmer, Twitch, Puffs, Pinky, Double Humpee, Frack, Dunphy

Q: Dunphy

9 PAX for an eye opening beatdown in some eye openings temps this am at Uberlander. Great to see a bigger group today after 4 in Roanoke on M & W.

Lap around the circle, pick up Puffs and Twitch (slowed by their bouts with Noro maybe?)

Warm Up: SSH x25 IC, WMH x10 IC, IW x25 IC, Arm Circles x25 IC, 5 Burpees OYO, Jack Webbs x25 IC, MC x25 IC, 5 Burpees OYO

Another lap around the circle with lunge-squat walk (1:3) up the hill.

Pull ups: 10 pull ups each, two at a time, while rest of PAX perform PT called out by Pinky. Repeat. Run to benches at Wilson.

Bench Work: Two groups, one run the Gator lot, back past our cars and back to benches. Other group perform PT until group returns (or, often, failure). Switch and repeat.
Round 1: Dips
Round 2: Box Squats
Round 3: ATUs (alternating touch urkins)
Round 4: One leg squats
Round 5: Derkins
Round 6: Double Merkin Burpees

Dealers Choice Mary: Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, Freddies, Big Boys (Herschel, obviously), J-Los (thanks Jimmer) – not in that order


Pleasure to lead fellas

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