16 PAX show up as the temps stay chilly- fall might just be here.

PAX list: Frack, Dunphy, Glee, Manti, Space Jam, Herschel, Pinky, Solo, Cat Scratch, Double Humpee, Seabiscuit, HC3, Jimmer, Dracula, Prince Tuesday, Disclaimer

Q: Jimmer

Warm up- two laps around the field with some knee highs and butt kickers thrown in.
Circle up for
30 SSH
15 windmills
15 rubies
30 arm circles
30 reverse arm circles
15 imperial walkers
5 burpees oyo

Quick little railroad run to the bridge… wait, make that the next bridge

Partner up of for three rounds of fun utilizing the curb.

Round one- partners #1 run the length of the bridge and then do 30 merkins run back, partners #2 forward jump over trail median back and forth till partners return. Flutter kicks till all return.

Round two- partners #1 run the length of the bridge and do 15 burpees, partners #2 hold plank with feet up on divider till partner returns. LBCs till all return.

Round three- partners #1 run the bridge and do 40 big boys, run back. Partners #2 jump to the side up onto divider and side off repeating back and forth till partner returns. American hammers till all return.

Indian run it back to field.
Circle up for names, announcements and prayer.

Get your winter gear orders in.

Thanks for your patience on my first go guys. I continue to feel abundantly blessed by your friendship and examples.


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  1. Dominic Basile says:

    great Q Jimmer! I love the travel!

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